Feminine Force of Nature

“We are all gods (and goddesses), all Forces of Nature.  We can destroy, we can build.  We are like oceans and like fires.” ~ Barry White


I AM a Feminine Force of Nature…

I AM no less than the wind, the rain, or the moon’s pull upon the ocean tide.

I AM a radiant sun:  an expressive, radiant, creative power of life force energy in form and fortitude.

I AM a rock, a mountain, a crystal vessel:  a strong, bold, unmovable force, standing and holding my ground.

I AM a waterfall, a cascade of emotion:  a flowing force that can trickle steadily with contentment; bubble forth with joy; or rage and roar with a mammoth of passion and purpose.

I AM the ebb and flow of the peaceful tides, the crashing of waves upon the shore, and the uncharted waters of the deep, dark ocean floor.

I AM an expression of body, heart and spirit, abiding by the laws of the universe and the laws of nature.

I AM a human portal for life, creation, and the expression of my soul upon the earth.

I AM a woman able to birth through my womb, as well as my heart, my hands, and my voice.


I AM a mother, tender, fierce, and loving.


“…Haley’s love for Jack was joyous and fierce.  That fierceness is why she isn’t here today.  A mother’s love is an unrivaled FORCE OF NATURE and we can all learn much from the WAY Haley lived her life.”  ~ Hotchner in Criminal Minds, from the eulogy of his wife


I AM ALL that I choose to become through my body, heart and soul’s desires.

I AM ALL that I choose to become through my ability to vision and imagine.

I AM ALL that I choose to become through my commitment and perseverance.

I AM ALL that I choose to become through my play and laughter; sweat and tears; triumphs and falls; and willingness to always get up and go the distance.

I AM ALL that I choose to become through the call to serve and give to my family, my community, humanity, as well as the plants, animals and Earth, herself.

I AM ALL that I choose to become through the sharing of my truth, love, hope, wisdom, gifts and talents in full integrity.

I AM ALL that I choose to become through the giving and receiving of energy through the universal law of exchange.

I AM a Feminine Force of Nature and the WAY I live my life says it ALL about my legacy and what I leave behind me, for whatever time I walk upon this earth.

I AM a Feminine Force of Nature…and I choose to leave behind me a-wake of TRUTH, LOVE and HOPE . . . no less than any other unrivaled force of nature.

YOU…too…in your own most beautiful, powerful, and creative WAY are a Feminine Force of Nature!!!

Finding your WAY in living life as a Feminine Force is very simple.  It is about listening and feeling deeply your intuition.  However, your intuition and the Divine speaks to you, whether through inner vision, sound, feeling, emotion, physical sensation, deep knowing, writing, repeated messages that start popping up, or what ever way….pay attention and notice!  Your inner voice is communicating to you.  It is that inner stirring that never goes away.  And if you do ignore it…trust me, it will find another way!

The WAY of the Feminine Force and bringing forth your personal creative power as a Force of Nature is all about following what is unseen and unheard to others…and yet feels absolutely right to YOU!

It is about creating your own path; re-creating and changing course as your passion calls; re-claiming all parts of yourself; and living your life on your terms with great joy and integrity.

The WAY is shown to you, when you start seeing life through your own eyes.  The WAY will speak ever so loudly such that it is only your heart that hears.

And, I know . . . if you start seeing, listening, and following your own heart’s lead…that innate inner wisdom…YOU WILL indeed leave a positive imprint upon this earth as a Beautiful and Powerful Feminine Force of Nature!


With LOVE & more from my heart to yours!

Cheryl XOXO




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