Finding HER Strong, Sensuous, Sacred & Sexy…

“Aging is not lost youth, but a new stage of opportunity and strength.” ~ Betty Friedan


If you are like me, time feels like it is going faster and faster.  As the years pass, not only do I wonder how another smile line appeared on my cheek, but I am constantly seeing the videos and books for the Fit, Fabulous and Fantastic after 40.

I am all for it, but honestly I think it’s something we need to cultivate earlier and allow the process to unfold as gracefully as possible.  Yet, I also believe…whole heartedly…that it is never EVER too late to start!

So, now that I am older and past 40, why are there not more of the Fit, Fabulous and Fantastic after 50 something?  Or finding Her Strong, Sensuous, Sacred and Sexy before 60 or after 70???

How come I am not seeing much of this age group unless I actively go looking and seeking it???

Women have continued to express their greatness, beauty in creating, and achieving their fabulous even after 50.  In fact the beloved, Louise Hay who passed this year at 90, was 58 years old when her book “You Can Heal Your Life” was published and shortly after her publishing firm empire, Hay House, was founded.

So…what if it’s not about trying to erase the aging process, but to embrace Life and Living as a beautiful process of unfolding and becoming.  It is a process of continuing to Find the Fit, Fabulous and Fantastic at “whatever age.”

What if we look through the eyes of this poster and relish in the last line…that “every woman should see a wrinkle and be reminded of her youth; and not her age.”

Every Woman
~ Anonymous

What about embracing and inspiring ALL women, wherever they are in life, and what ever age they are, that they are perfect? What about our culture embracing and teaching women that it is okay to re-create ourselves throughout our lifetime…if we want to…and that it is never too early or too late?

“Every woman should find HER Strong, Sensuous, Sacred & Sexy…no matter her age.  Every woman should embrace re-creating HERself with every decade.” ~ Dr. Cheryl Berry

STRONG … because we need to know who we are and who we are not.  We need to be able to push when it’s time to push, and to offer support then someone else needs us, young or old.  We also need to know when to support ourselves.  We need to know we can hold it together when all may feel like it’s falling apart; and we need to be able to pull ourselves up out of the mud and muck, take a breath, and take another step even if we don’t know where the second step will be.  We need to have courage to start again, as well as knowing when to stop, or change directions.  We need to know where we stand in the moment, as well as what we will stand for, or what we will take a stand against.

Strong …  because sometimes we need to express our inner masculine of doing and putting energy out into the world, and it’s only YOU who can do it even when you feel the most vulnerable!

Strong …  because it is not only the physical strength and endurance of body, but the emotional support like a marble pillar, the mental fortitude to keep going the distance, the courage of heart to hold onto truth and love, and to lead, and be led, by the light of one’s soul even in the darkest of nights.

SENSUOUS … because feminine energy engages our senses.  Author, Debrina Jackson, is the first woman I heard speak of this.  If you break the word down to its root…SENSE-U-OUS…you will see it’s root is SENSE.  If you actually look up the word SENSUOUS it comes down to what your senses perceive.  It is what you see, hear, smell, taste, or touch.

“Just as the ROSE does bloom, we each have an inborn potential to become.  Release the potential and allow the bud to unfold.” ~ Dr. Cheryl Berry

Have you ever felt wonderful smelling roses, fresh rosemary, lavender, a ripe peach, a favorite perfume’s, or your baby’s skin?  What happens inside your mouth when you take a bite of a garden ripe tomato, a strawberry right off the plant, or decadent chocolate?  What do you feel when you light candles and place them all over your bedroom or around the bath?  What about sitting curled up in front of a fire with a soft blanket, or waking up to sunshine coming through your window?

There is a physiological excitement of the senses, an awakening of the ability to experience and take in more via your nerve endings and sensory organs.  Sensuous is your feminine energy that is receptive to receiving and taking in more of LIFE.  It is simply feeling more inside through your sensory nerve receptors and nerve system of what is there on the outside, as well as making sense of the world.

  • Sensuous is to be perceived by the senses.
  • Senses is any of the faculties, of sight, hearing, smell, taste, or touch, by which humans and animals perceive stimuli originating from outside or inside the body; sensation.
  • Sensation is the perception or awareness of stimuli through the senses.  A physical feeling resulting from stimulation of a sense organ, or from internal bodily change (e.g. cold or pain).  A general feeling not directly attributable to any given stimulus, such as discomfort, anxiety, or doubt.  A mental or emotional feeling, especially a state of excitement.  An interest caused among a number of persons, or within a community, due to rumor or some occurrence.  (

When you feel pain, numbness, prickling, pressure, or temperature fluctuations, it’s also from your nerve system sensing changes in your inner world, or it is how your physiology is responding to the interaction with the outside world.  You are hearing and feeling the language of your physiology at work and whatever adaptions it is attempting to make with the information it has been given.

Your nerve system is responding to internal messages and external cues.  Whether it is the sensory in feeling, or the motor in moving, or the autonomic (sympathetic or parasympathetic) in organ, gland, and blood vessel functioning; keeping your nerve system free of interference allows you to sense more and feel more in every capacity possible, while experiencing and expressing more LIFE. 

SACRED … because being in human form is sacred.  Living LIFE in body, heart and soul is sacred.  As a woman you have the sacred potential to Birth…whether a baby, a business, a book, or whatever.  Birthing is sacred.  Laughing and Crying is sacred.  Running and Jumping is sacred.  Falling and Getting up is sacred.  Aging and Evolving is sacred.  Dying is sacred.  Every breath, every moment, every experience within “the dash” between the dates of birth to death is sacred.

“My temple is my body.  The world around me my altar.  My words are spells. Every thought an intention.  My actions rituals, to manifest all that will be.  I am Sacred.  I am Divine.”  ~ Ara Campbell

The Innate Intelligence that created you from the conception of two single cells and has been the inner wisdom creating, developing, growing, adapting, and guiding you from inside out is eternally sacred.  The Universal Intelligence that created all of LIFE on this beautiful planet, and all of nature that is around you, and maintains it in existence is sacred.  Your body is the home for your soul.  The planet is the home for your body.  Each of these homes is sacred.

Because we are creators and live in an inner and outer world, full of potential and limitless possibilities, everything we are, be, do and have is sacred.   Because the union of masculine and feminine energies, the strong and the sensuous, is a sacred union of wholeness.

“The Major Premise – There is a Universal Intelligence in all matter and continually gives to it all its properties and actions, thus maintaining it into existence.”

“The expression of this Intelligence in matter, is the Chiropractic meaning of Life.”

From The 33 Chiropractic Principles, book by Ralph W. Stephenson, DC

SEXY … because sexy can be a lot of things; it’s your own personal perception.  I believe, above all, it’s a radiance that a woman shines from inside that starts within her heart.  I think it is less of being attractive externally, and more of being confident and centered internally.  I believe it’s about owning your energy and your presence.  There is a magnetic attraction in presence when it comes from your core.  It’s not just about tight abs and glutes, it’s about knowing your values, your expertise, your purpose, and your passion.

It can be more of simply showing up fully, centered within, clarity of vision, certainty and commitment.  Demonstrating you have brains, intelligence, a quick wit, sense of humor, are able to laugh, as well as forgive easily, and even say “no, that doesn’t work for me,” and embrace each day with an open heart, can be just as sexy as wearing a tight little black dress!

“It has little to do with what you say.  It’s where you are in yourself.  You offer your PRESENCE.” ~ unknown.

Let’s keep it simple, I hope you will embrace all of LIFE and all your heart desires, no matter your age.

I hope you will discover, and continue through every year of your life, to feel and express the woman within.

I hope with each decade you will feel the freedom to re-create yourself from the inside out, for no one else but to please yourself and to please your soul.

May you always feel into your essence and live from HER . . . finding HER Strong, Sensuous, Sacred and Sexy . . .  no matter what!!!

And, may you allow your life to unfold like the ROSE, appreciating the process of LIFE in all of it’s beauty and intelligence…the creating, becoming, and expressing HER fullest potential until the last petal falls!


From my heart to yours!

Love, Dr. Cheryl XOXO


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