Weaving a Tapestry of LOVE…

“Life is a great tapestry.  The individual is only an insignificant thread in an immense and miraculous pattern.” ~ Albert Einstein

What if…as you step closer and really look at the detail…you can see individual threads within this miraculous pattern?

What if…some of these threads are your Soul weaving part of this great tapestry through each life that you have lived?

What if…all You…or I…can ever see is what we are creating here and now, in this current lifetime?

What if…for just a moment…you could have greater vision to see and understand from a few steps back?  Maybe you could see what your neighbor’s thread looks like?

What if…you had the capacity to step back even further and could see from an even wider vantage point?

What if… you could now see through the eyes of your Soul and through multiple lifetimes?

What if…you could see through the eyes of the Universal Intelligence that has created ALL things and is continuously creating this beautiful Tapestry we call Life?

“There is a Universal Intelligence is in all matter and continually gives to it all its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence. ~ Ralph W. Stephenson, D.C.

What if…there is one common thread…a thread that connects each Soul and each Lifetime with all the other Souls?

What if…the individual threads could be any color? Black, brown, white, red, violet, orange, indigo, yellow, blue, pink, green, gold, striped, spotted, etc?

What if…the threads could take on all sorts of different properties…like size, shape, or gender?

What if…some threads were wide and some were short?  Some were narrow and some are long?

What if…some were musical, and some were athletic?  Some were altruistic, and some were innovative?

What if…some threads could weave easier with other threads?  Or some held a purpose together?

What if…the threads could vibrate at different frequencies or speak different languages?

What if…there was one common quality among the threads that bind ALL of them together?

What if…there was one simple commonality that connected each Soul and each Lifetime with ALL the other Souls of the Universe?

What if…the connecting element of ALL these beautiful individual threads is what lies within each individual heart?

What if…the common denominator of ALL the threads within the Universe is to simply weave LOVE from our individual hearts into the most miraculous pattern that no one could ever think of with logical thought or brain power?

And what if…You and I…could fully comprehend the immense and miraculous beauty of this tapestry of Life?  Could that even be possible, unless we were able to truly see through the eyes of the Universe, through the eyes of GOD?

What if…Life is simply the continuous weaving of LOVE from within our Hearts & Souls?

No matter the color, no matter the texture, no matter the length, no matter how it looks on the outside, and no matter anything….

What if…we are here to LOVE simply and as greatly as we can, to fill up our portion of this magnificent tapestry by discovering, remembering, experiencing, and expressing LOVE…in so many ways and patterns…and discovering new ways again?

What if….ALL of Life and Living is simply about LOVE?

Simply LOVE???


What if…for ALL eternity, each thread forever weaves it’s Way of LOVE…learning to LOVE Simply?!!!

Sending Our Prayers & Blessing of LOVE to the World…Love, Dr. Cheryl & Kendra XOXO




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