Taming the Temptress…

Stepping onto the Path of the Priestess, or any spiritual journey, is a process that requires keeping one’s heart open and vibration up as high as possible.  It’s about staying in your TRUTH and staying in a state of LOVE where you live, breathe, and experience each day from this vantage point.

Sounds simple enough…right?  Simple…yes.

Easy?  Hmmm…maybe not so much!

How can it be easy in a world of polarity or duality?  A world where extremes exist, such as night/day…sun/moon…male/female…birth/death…young/old…black/white…hot/cold… love/fear…positive/negative…contentment/depression…satiety/hunger…whole food/junk food…GMO/organic…and sooooo much more…and with ALL the in-betweens.

How is it easy to keep your heart open and in a vibration of LOVE…or higher…when you are walking, breathing and living amongst lower vibrations such as Fear, Hatred, Deceit, or Jealousy???

It is easy to keep your heart open if you’ve never been hurt, betrayed, or experienced loss.  It is easy if you are always surrounded by other open hearts, compassion and LOVE.  But LOVE isn’t always the way.  A mentor once told me, sometimes you have to put on your “spiritual armor” to guard your open heart.

With that being said…I figured if I kept getting adjusted to clear my nerve system, allowing any held energetic experiences to transform and integrate, while changing my perceptions, mindset, exercising regularly, eating whole foods, drinking plenty of clean water, getting adequate sleep and rest, taking time to play, relax, meditate, continuing to check my thoughts and self-talk to stay positive, and visualizing what I desired, it would be a “piece of cake” to stay in the vibration of LOVE and keep my heart open.  Right???

It was all about healing the wounds, transforming them into gifts, and then engaging in “practices of daily living” that resonated with the new me (a higher vibrating me) and aligning in all new ways of living with the Divine in me…right???

Well…it wasn’t always as easy as it sounds.  Sometimes is was easy and sometimes it wasn’t.  It just wasn’t.  Sometimes it still isn’t easy!

princess-12-1577491-1279x949The Path of the Priestess is about putting your highest vibrational self into walking, breathing, and living on the earth….a Woman of Worth…an Earthly Goddess.  It takes and commitment and discipline to yourself.  Discipline comes from the root word “disciple,” or pupil/student.  The Path of the Priestess is about being a pupil of Life and living in LOVE.

However, we are born into a pretty dense vibrational world.  A world that is amazingly beautiful, full of wonder, love and compassion.  However sometimes the higher vibrations of LOVE, Truth, Hope, Joy, and Compassion, along with the Sacredness of Life,  and the Connected Spiritual aspect of Living can seem almost out of reach. baby-world-1252026

When the stress of surviving and fear takes hold..the heart closes.  The sympathetic nerve system is activated in preparation for fighting or fleeing.  The joy of living in LOVE, and the experience of ease and flow, along with thriving and flourishing, can seem once again out of reach.

When you are around by people, situations, experiences that are positive, then it is easier to stay in a higher vibration and a state of LOVE.   Whether it is the energetic field outside of you…or the energy field that lies within you….YOU will resonate with the frequency of greatest magnitude.  The goal is to come into entrainment or alignment with the higher frequency.

“Taming the Temptress” is taming the lower frequencies within us that keep us from our Path, our Purpose, and our Passion.  Taming the Temptress is recognizing the frequencies of feeling drained, or not enough, or in contradiction to our values such that our vibration is lowered.

A lowered vibration, or a contradiction, leads to practices of actions of a lower vibrational path.  It could show up as eating too much chocolate, potato chips, eating too much at meals, or whatever your default behavior that keeps you out of sync with the greatest form of you.  Remember though, these lowered vibrational actions are not really the cause.  They are a reflection of the symptoms or the wounding, or something deep within that still needs to heal.  They reflect the deeper pain. mirror-1548409-1599x2132

When the Temptress shows up, it is a time of allure and enticement into a lower vibration taking you away from the highest version of YOU…Body, Heart, and Soul.  She may show up alluring you to fall off the new way of eating, or to skip your new yoga/pilates class.  She may allure you to eating more sweets, drinking too much wine, spending excessive amount of time watching television, mindlessly streaming the internet or engaging in retail therapy.  She may entice you to gossip, judge others, procrastinate, or make excuses.  She may fill your head with old thoughts of not being good enough or other forms of self-sabotage.  How ever she may entice you into repeating these old actions, behaviors, thoughts, or words, remember they are a reflection of the Temptress at work.

So what is the process of Taming the Temptress?

First, understanding that all of Life and Living is a Process.  There is no getting there and arriving.  We are Spiritual Beings in Human Form.  We are here to experience living Life…period.  The experience is ours to choose throughout our lifetime.  It may be conscious.  It may be unconscious.  It may be what our soul desires.  It may be what our humanness desires.  It may be how we respond to life situations and circumstances that are beyond our control.  Life is ultimately a process of adaptation and growing…or not.

Because we are co-creating with each other and with the Divine, the more conscious we choose and the higher the vibration that one walks, talks, breathes and engages in with others and with the universe, the greater possibility of Taming the Temptress and staying the Path of the Priestess while living on the earth plane.

So when you find yourself missing your exercise class, canceling your adjustments, eating out every night, running up your credit card, spending over your budget, or ignoring whatever signs and behaviors are showing up that you aren’t taking care of yourself, or extending LOVE to yourself, then it’s time to take an honest look within.

“LOVE is our response to our highest values — and can be nothing else.”  ~ Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

If you really desire to create a New Way of Living, then it’s time to Tame the Temptress, or at least get to know what triggers her to show up.  It’s time to really look at the symptomology on the surface and then discover what is the driving force, or pain/loss, underneath.

If you had stomach pain, it could be that you ate some poorly cooked food.  Hopefully, you will throw up or pass it quickly.  Typically, the lesson learned is to make sure food is properly prepared and cooked.

On the flip side, you could have a stomach pain for eating foods you have a food intolerance or sensitivity too.  Typically, the lesson learned is to not eat those foods, regardless of the temptation, because it makes you feel bad and may interfere with your ability to think, function, or perform.

On the other hand, you may have stomach pain from overeating, but what you really are trying to feed is a sense of not being good enough, low self-worth, or perhaps the emptiness of not being in a relationship???  The problem is that it doesn’t matter how much you are tempted to eat in this scenerio, food will never fill the void of self-eating-chocolate-1-1316272LOVE….nor will chocolate, wine, clothes, sex, jewelry, shoes, etc.

The Temptress is enticing you to solve the problem with an outside solution that only gives you temporary relief…until the next wave of pain, or some form of energy drain, shows up.  However, the Soul-ution must come from the inside.

Taming the Temptress starts when we know our values, our TRUTH, and we learn to LOVE ourselves, even with all our flaws, mistakes, and misjudgments.  We may even need to forgive others, but we may need to truly FORGIVE ourselves first…truly…and them move forward with a greater understanding, acceptance, hope, and integrity!




Remember the power of support from the Divine in Taming the Temptress.  When we align with the Divine…the universe can show up in a variety of creative ways….whether through prayer, meditation, healing work, counseling, chiropractic, intuition, a dream, a call from a friend, being out in nature…the messages received may just be what you need to bring clarity to the core of Tamping the Temptress and re-aligning to live each day in the greatest version of YOU expressing Hope, Joy, Truth and most of all … LOVE … LOVE … and more LOVE!!!



With Love & Hope,  Dr. Cheryl  XOXO



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