Mermaid & the Chalice…

I stood at the water’s edge, looking beyond the wall of the sanctuary at the sea, wondering what purpose being here at this sanctuary would bring?  As I stood watching and feeling the movement of the waves, she appeared.  She was a mermaid.  I didn’t know why she had come to me?  But, it was as if she knew what I was asking and wanting, even though I had no idea I was even proposing my questions to her.  It was as if she, said….”Yes, I know and I know where it is!”…and then she dove down deep into the sea.

In my mind’s eye she took me with her, deeper and deeper, into a journey of exploration, into the dark ocean waters, into my the unconscious depths of my own being. It was as if I had a video camera to watch her move with grace, ease, and courage while I remained on land within the sanctuary of the priestess.

With her tail leading the way, past ocean creatures and beauty, we came to the bottom of the ocean floor.  It was as if a fallen oasis of some sort existed there….hidden from the eyes and ears of the world above…hidden from my everyday awareness.

It was a forgotten land, no different than a sunken ship where sea creatures had taken up residence amongst the buried treasure.  It was where lost items had come to rest on the ocean floor.

The camera took me no further, except to see that the mermaid was swimming her way, weaving in and out of the fallen ruins.  Then the video stopped.  My vision returned to the water above, again looking out at the ocean waves, from the safety of my sanctuary.

Then as suddenly as she first appeared, she came up and out of the water again.  This time holding a golden Chalice.  A gift for me, but it was more than a gift.  It was truly a part of me.  I was the owner of this gold piece.  This golden cup was mine and always had been mine.

The MERMAID…..she is the feminine archetype of exploration, discovery, and transformation.  She is the spiritual messenger of the water element, of emotion, intuition, inspiration.  She can perceive within the depths of one’s heart and soul.  She is not afraid of the ebb and flow of life, dark waters, or deep currents.  She is strong.  She is brave.  She knows how to navigate between the worlds of air and water.  She reminds us to remember the depths of our own feminine nature, the connection to our intuition, the ability to ride the waves of emotion, the flow of sensuality and creativity that comes from our womb, the desires of our heart, and the purpose of our soul.  She helps reveal the hidden gifts and wisdom that life teaches us by experience.  She is the guide that swims deep to bring forth our hidden talents and gifts.  The golden gifts that offer Light and Love to the world.  She reunites our physical being to the deep passion and purpose of our soul.

“I must be a Mermaid. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.” ~ Anais Nin

The CHALICE…..the cup from which we drink of life’s experience.  The treasure, the wisdom that life has brought you.  Nothing is without a gift if we are willing to look past the muck, and the yuck, that can be stirred up in exploring life.  If we learn to look with new eyes, with a new perspective, from a different vantage point, we can find the gold within what feels like fallen ruins.

Allow the mermaid to help you traverse the lower world, like the Shaman, to retrieve the gifts your soul was meant to share in this lifetime.  She will dive into those uncharted waters, to those scary places where past life experiences have caused you to bury a part of yourself.

She creates a current of Divine Love wherever she swims.  She is a catalyst for healing, discovery,  and transformation simply through the vibration of Love she puts forth.  In the silent journey she will guide you back to your true self.  She speaks the energy of loving service, blessings, and joy.  She reminds us to find play and pleasure even when swimming in deep waters.  In the discovery, she offers the treasure up to you, out of service to a dear friend, speaking only with her eyes, hands and heart….”Here it is!  Here is the gift that was buried deep within.  Here is what you have been looking for!”

“For whatever we lose, it’s always our SELF we find in the sea.” ~ E.E. Cummings

So for whatever YOU may me longing for, seeking to heal, discover, or transform, simply seek the waters edge of your heart and intuition.  Put forth the song of your heart, the song your inner mermaid will hear.  Call to her within the language of Divine Love and ask that she dive deep into the waters of your being and bring forth whatever you need to see, hear, or know at this time.

Be open to receive in many ways……

Your gift may show up through a daily quote shared from a colleague.

It may show up in a vase of flowers and card from a friend.

Never underestimate HOW the golden chalice will show up in form.

Be open to WHO the mermaid chooses to speak through as your spiritual messenger.

Above all else, simply be willing to SEEK the depths of what is inside of you by going to the water’s edge…..

“On the waters edge I sit and gaze at the endless possibilities of the world beauty, captured through a lens of clarity.”  ~ E.J. Gilligan



A very special thanks to my daughter, Kendra, for the use of her photos and how she has shown up as a spiritual messenger for me…in sooo many ways!!!  I love you, mama XOXO


With Love & Hope, Dr. Cheryl & Kendra


P.S.  If you are ready to dive deep and discover, feel free to reach out to me and we can explore what is next for you in healing, transformation, and a new way of living!!!



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