The WAY…..


“Like the Lotus flower that is born out of mud, we must honor the darkest parts of ourselves and the most painful of our life’s experiences, because they are what allow us to Birth our most Beautiful self.”  ~ Debbie Ford

About seven years ago, I felt my world falling apart in so many ways: in my relationship, in my body, in my role as a mother, in my ability to work out, to show up energetically at my fullest, to living each day, and to living each moment, expressing what I knew was possible for my greatest potential.  It was difficult to get out of bed, let alone participate in LIFE to the fullest.  I felt only a trickle of Life Force Energy running  through me.  I suppose it would have been considered my “Dark Night of the Soul.”  Honestly, what kept me going, was the phrase that Spirit kept running through my thoughts was “Trust the Process…It is destined for Truth & Love.”

I felt it was leading me in so many ways back to the “weaving” of the physical and the spiritual for health and healing.  It was leading me back to chiropractic philosophy, giving and receiving an adjustment, and living Beyond the adjustment each day.  It lead me yearning for a greater understanding of the teachings of Christ, the relationship of Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and many women who participated in this lineage of Light & LOVE.


I was seeking an understanding of what is the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, and how do we live in this Union of the two.  How had I been living out of this union, putting more of my energy into the masculine energy of the physical and getting things done, versus the spiritual, nurturing and receiving of the feminine.  I had lost trust in one of my greatest gifts,  my intuition.  And I had lost connecting to God, Source, Spirit through daily sacred self care that rejuvenates the Soul.

What I discovered is that grounding and holding within your center, your core, the highest vibration possible of your authentic self, is the greatest Way of Living for yourself and for others.  The greatest Gift you can give the world is the Life Expression of your Soul, your gifts and your talents….consider it your Rock!  The challenge is that Life can squeeze upon us, creating contraction and less than our greatest potential coming forth, or less than our authentic self being expressed.  Discovering the restrictions and contracted energy to opening the soul’s fullest expression is the Way of Chiropractic; it is the Way of the Feminine Force; and it is the Way of LOVE.


A “contracted” state of being is initiated by the sympathetic nerve system which overrides our physiological system in preparation for fight or flight….this comes from the perception of Fear. It may be appropriate. However, it may be activated too much, for too long, or buried so deeply that we continue to compensate around it.  It may even be based on beliefs such that we are afraid of what others may think, or how others may respond to us.

In contrast, an “expansive” state of being is created though greater ease overall within one’s system. This expansion comes from the perception of LOVE, Trust, Peace, and allows for growth, transformation, and a greater expression of one’s full potential and beingness.

There is a delicate Dance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve systems to work together.  pointe-1419303-639x426We have to have the sympathetics turned on to get out of bed and take action in the world.  However, we need the parasympathetics to be calm, to eat, and to sleep.  It’s like two sides of the reins on a horse, or the dance between the brake and gas pedals of your car.

Chiropractic supports bringing our sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve system back to a more balanced state.  Balance is not necessarily meant to be equal here.  “Balance” within the nerve system is the ability to respond appropriately to life’s experiences…to respond with action when necessary, and then return to ease.  It’s about the flow between Expansion and Contraction.  It’s about the flow between our Inner and Outer worlds.  It’s about the flow between the Spiritual and the Physical.  It’s about the flow between Love and Fear.

I often hear people refer to Chiropractic as a lifestyle, or a way of life.  No…I would say it’s BIGGER than that.  Chiropractic midwives LIFE to be expressed. It’s really about the VERB of Life…….which is to LIVE.  Chiropractic is “A Way of Living.”  Chiropractic is a WAY of supporting and allowing your BEING the potential of LIVING again….fully, open, expanded, re-connected within Body, Heart, Mind & Soul.

“Way of the Feminine Force is how we live each day though our Perception, Choices, Actions, Practices, Commitments, and Presence of showing up in this open, reconnected state.   It’s like the mother, teaching her child how to live day by day at their Best.” ~ Dr. Cheryl


“The Way of LOVE is ultimately our natural state.  Love is how we came into this world and it’s where we will return.  I believe it’s our job to be acting, moving, breathing and living LOVE in human form while we are here!” ~ Dr. Cheryl

My question for you is……”Why live any way less than LOVE??  Isn’t living LOVE…living the Truth of YOU…what YOU came here for???”

I believe this is what Spirit was telling me….TRUST the PROCESS, trust the Journey of Living, even in the ups and down, the expansion and contraction, all the in-betweens, and all the impermanence, unpredictability, and unexplainable  events that you may experience here in this lifetime.  TRUST in the Divine Intelligence of the Universe to orchestrate beyond your physical sight.  TRUST your Intuition.  TRUST in the Divine Wisdom within your body to orchestrate as it knows how.  Give to your Spirit and to your Body what it needs to keep the vibration at it’s highest.  Support your whole being in staying centered and connected to TRUTH and LOVE.

“We are kept from the experience of Spirit because our inner world is cluttered with past traumas…As we begin to clear away this clutter, the Energy of Divine Light and LOVE begins to flow through our Beings.” ~ Father Thomas Keating

If this strikes a chord with where you have been feeling energy deprived and what you desire in living more fully, open, expanded, in your LOVE, and in your Truth, then let’s explore how I might support you in YOUR process.  If you are truly ready to clear away the clutter, simply fill out a request for a Complimentary Consultation and we’ll schedule a time to chat.

I am very much looking forward to supporting you in a Way of Living that is LOVE, Truth, and YOUR way as a Beautiful & Powerful Creative Force of Nature….the Way of the Feminine Force!

Love, Dr. Cheryl xoxo


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