Power in the Silence

“SILENCE speaks when words cannot.”  ~ unknown

After the workshop, “5 Ways to Exercise Your Spiritual Muscle,”  I felt a great need to be in a space of SILENCE.  After being busy with all the set up, as well as having a week full of getting things done at home & at the healing studio, I needed to retreat to the place of SILENCE to seek some inner calm and rejuvenation.  I am sure it is a place you too often wish for in your busy world with family, career, and juggling multiple responsibilities.  A place you wish to retreat to when feeling energetically drained due to being pulled in many directions at the same time.

When I finally felt a sense of peace that was long overdue, I felt no need for anything…simply savoring the SILENCE of my living room, along with sipping a large mug of hot water, honey, and lemon.  I discovered that the Light in my heart, and my connection to the Divine, shines brightest when I am in this deeper space of SILENCE.

What amazes me, time and time again, is how serendipity expresses, playing out various connections in surprising ways in this space.  When I finally decided to return to the world of checking my schedule and plugging into world via my computer, I found an offering in my emails for a seminar on Shamanic power.  It became a catalyst (no pun intended…CATalyst) as I was drawn into reading about the energy of the Lioness and the Puma, and how they relate to this sense of “POWER in the SILENCE.”

The Lioness brings the message of being in the world without stress.  She represents strength, courage, energy, and power.  She values family, co-operation, and community.  She IS feminine energy, flowing with creativity, intuition, and imagination.  She lives and works in Harmony with others, without losing her sense of self.  (For more energetic information on the lion, please visit http://www.shamanicjourney.com/lion-power-animal-symbol-of-brotherhood-feminine-energy).

The Puma has a variety of names to include panther, cougar, mountain lion, cheetah, leopard and jaguar.  Her power is in SILENCE, deep contemplation, and PRAYER.

“…..The Puma spirit represents power, grace and stealth in DARKNESS, but its real Power lies in the SILENCE of its eerie, unblinking stare that seems to bore deep into one’s soul. This teaching can help us discover the benefits of concentration, deep contemplation and PRAYER. As we peer into the darkness of the unknown to feel its power, we can be guided by Puma energy to the LIGHT on the other side…”


“…..SILENCE is highly respected among American Indians and is seen as a Holy State of consciousness as we quietly behold the grace and glory of the creator. It is said that SILENCE speaks words of the great mystery.“~ White Wolf Pack

Reading that the Puma teaches us about PRAYER and that SILENCE connects us to the Creator, I felt a deep chord of truth ring out.  One of the Ways of Exercising Your Spiritual Muscle that I shared at the workshop was  the practice of “LIVING LIFE AS A PRAYER.”  It came when mom was in the hospital after her stroke and without the ability to speak.  She motioned that she wanted to hold one of the beautiful mandarin oranges my sister-in-law had sent in a care basket.  I noticed mom closed her eyes and held this orange to her chest.  fullsizerender-jpgAll I could image was that she was praying for her ability to swallow to return.  Maybe because it was what I was praying for since it would allow her to not only eat without a feeding tube, but she could move out of the hospital, into a rehabilitation center, and be on her way to going home.

When it was time for me to head to the airport and return home, my sister walked me out to the car.  As we stepped out of the room, I whispered …“Did you see mom holding the orange?  I think she was praying.”  Of course in my sister’s wisdom and ability to speak the words that further the Silence, she responded…“I think mom has Lived her entire Life as a Prayer.”

It is amazing how when a truth is spoken, no further words are needed.  This truth left an even greater imprint on my heart.  Mom’s life truly was a testimony through her actions, words, and relationships of her guiding Faith, Gratitude, Trust and Love in the Divine and in Life.

grammas-90th-b-day-527“Does God have a set way of prayer, a way that He expects each of us to follow? I doubt it. I believe some people – lots of people – pray through the witness of their lives, through the work they do, the friendships they have, the LOVE they offer people and receive from people. Since when are words the only acceptable form of prayer?” ~ Dorothy Day

I am in awe how the Divine teaches us through serendipitous weavings, especially when we look around at nature, animals, and the meaningful people in our lives…teaching us about our human and spiritual journey.  Time and time again, I find by simply observing the ordinary and holding a deep curiosity in the Divine, I can move with greater ease, like the Shaman, back and forth within the worlds of the physical and spiritual, gaining knowledge and insights.

These messages, along with the witnessing of my mother’s life, resonate with my heart that the Practice of SILENCE and Living Life as a PRAYER offers the grace of learning and moving through the day from a calm center, connected fully to one’s inner Presence, and remaining in one’s personal Power.  It is a place within that I believe ALL of us…woman or man…young or old…no matter one’s spiritual beliefs…can practice.

The Way of the Feminine Force within the energy of the Mother, Lioness and Puma, express many qualities, especially Love, Beauty, Courage, and Grace.  SHE, when all three energies are combined as one, remind me that our eyes do radiate the essence of the soul, seated deeply within the body, and observing Life from a vantage point.  SHE is conscious of her next move and how she will use her energy at the right time, taking right action, speaking the right words . . . or staying in the SILENCE . . . standing for the values she holds in Truth & Love, always living from her Heart and guided by the Divine.  SHE is not caught in the whirl of chaos that may whip, wrap, and wind around her.  SHE is grounded, knowing when, and what needs to be done, for HER self, HER family, and HER community.


May you go throughout each and every day, fully grounded in your Feminine Force.  May you walk in the world, Living Life as a PRAYER, allowing your Power and Presence to speak louder than words.  May you know that your Presence will proceed you, radiating your Light in its fullness, a Presence that is heard from within the Heart and in the Power of the SILENCE!

Much Love,  Dr. Cheryl XOXO


Special Thanks & Note:  the Prayer Pose image comes from https://www.yogatrail.com/yoga-poses/lotus-pose/4862/.  All other photos are either personal or from http://www.freeimages.com.  For more energetic information in full on the Puma, visit http://www.whitewolfpack.com/2011/10/puma-medicine-what-puma-can-teach-us.html.

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