Winter SOLstice … 12 Rays of the Sun

“…Love is the opening door.  Love is what we came here for. No one could offer you more…”  ~ Love Song by Elton John

With the Winter SOLstice on December 21st, we’re nearing the end of our Autumn Days and the Beauty in the Red Leaf.  We still have a few openings for these special healing sessions before Wednesday.  However, I feel in my heart this time of year isn’t just about “Happy Holidays”, but rather celebrating HOLY DAYS.  In honoring of this sacred time and energy to the fullest, I am extending this special for another 12 days until Jan. 2nd.

So…if you are feeling unsettled anywhere in your being, or in your life, this is an opportunity to re-frame where you’ve been and step into the present with a new perception and appreciation for how far you’ve come and where you are with the vibration of Love, Joy, Truth, and Peace.  It’s a way to show up, ready and willing, to embrace the New Year not from a place of Darkness, but from your Light, authentic inner power, radiance & beauty that can only shine forth from within YOU!

“Dr Cheryl is a gifted healer. My experience with her has been wonderful. Her gentle, intuitive and spiritual approach is exactly what I needed in a dark time in my life.” ~ M. E.

It’s really the best WAY to embrace the SOLstice.  The Winter SOLstice is the shortest day of LIGHT and the longest day of DARKNESS within the year.  From this day forwards each new day begins adding more and more LIGHT to the length of our days until the beginning of Summer.  The Winter SOLstice also marks 12 days to the New Year.  The New Year begins 12 months to move around our sun (SOL).  Then once again, we will return to the Winter SOLstice.

So…..are you ready for a New WAY of Living with this New Year?  If the answer it YES, let’s start by using this Winter SOLstice to be the start of a new Way since it’s the time when most people make resolutions.  Resolutions are means to change a habit, a way of living or being, that no longer serves.  It’s the time when intentions are made to set a new course of action or purpose.  Unfortunately, many intentions and resolutions fall short in becoming a consistent and committed New WAY of Living.

If we are going to make this New Year different, then let’s, You and I, each take a different perspective and see through the eyes of our individual SOL (SOUL)???  What if we each embrace the SOL within SOLstice, and the growing LIGHT from this day forward in re-framing our resolutions into reSOLutions?


Let’s consider we have 12 months to bring in 12 RAYS, or qualities we wish to grow within our being and our life.  As a spiritual being having a human experience (a SOUL within a Body), you’re a mini-sun (SOL), or a vortex of divine LIGHT contained in form…walking and breathing.  Let us bring in the reSOLutions as a means of growing greater LIGHT, bringing greater quality to the RAYS from within each of our being and into our New WAY of Living.

I believe one of the greatest RAYS, or beams of LIGHT, from each of our SOUL’s is LOVE.  What if part of this human experience is to add to our own individual LIGHT the RAY of LOVE, as well as collectively, to the LOVE that emits from Humanity?  What if in living life each day, you and I are here to learn, grow and EVOLve in the many Ways (or Rays) so Humanity EVOLves to the greatest beam of LOVE possible?  And if you look differently at EVOLve, you will see LOVE written backwards.

Besides LOVE, what other qualities, virtues, or RAYS do you feel your SOUL is calling for to reSOLve and grow in 2017…HOPE…COURAGE…PATIENCE…KINDNESS…GENEROSITY… COMPASSION…TRUTH….FAITH…TRUST…PROSPERITY…JOY…PEACE…HUMILITY…???

“No winter is too cold when you have enough love.”  ~ unknown

I hope you will use each month to engage in the “practice” of growing and living your 12 Rays of the Sun.  Use each month to bring these Rays of Light that your SOUL has been calling for into greater expression in your Way of Living.  And with each month, each practice will continue to  build, such that the Rays of Light from within your SOUL continue to build and grow….out shining any darkness.  Since this is a “practice,” there is no failing.  Simply recommit to the Ways you choose to practice the Rays in your life, and all your Light to EVOLve, shine and grow!

However, you choose to celebrate these Holy Days, may they lead to greater LIGHT and greater LOVE for you, your family, your community, and all of LIFE!

The words I have to say
May well be simple but they’re true
Until you give your love
There’s nothing more that we can do

Love is the opening door
Love is what we came here for
No one could offer you more

Do you know what I mean?
Have your eyes really seen?

You say it’s very hard
To leave behind the life we knew
But there’s no other way
And now it’s really up to you

Love is the key we must turn
Truth is the flame we must burn
Freedom, the lesson we must learn

Do you know what I mean?
Have your eyes really seen?

Love is the key we must turn
Truth is the flame we must burn
Freedom, the lesson we must learn

Do you know what I mean?
Have your eyes really seen?

Love is the opening door
Love is what we came here for”  ~Love Song by Elton John

Love, Dr. Cheryl xoxo


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