The Story Behind the “Gold”

“Let us fall in Love again and scatter GOLD dust all over the World.” ~ Rumi

 Tonight is the 88th Academy Awards with the Golden Oscar being the most recognized trophy in the film making world since 1929. It’s official name is the “Academy Award of Merit.”  What is the story behind the “Golden Oscar?”  The most popular story for the name is that the Academy librarian said it looked like her Uncle Oscar and later the trophy was coined “Oscar.” ( The first recipient was Emil Jannings for Best Actor in “The Last Command” and “The Way of All Flesh.”
I love to see similarities, common themes, and patterns emerge when I talk to women and clients about what is going on in their lives so they can see how it is playing out in what they are experiencing within their bodies.  I love the idea of playing and re-framing the above story and making it about YOU. Let’s look together for the similarity and make this movie about the “Way of the Feminine Force” and YOU are receiving the most coveted award…”Golden Woman.”
What is the story behind the “Golden Woman?”
To me this is not an award of merit for one accomplishment. This is an award for YOUR whole life story. It is the award for all your trials and tribulations, to come to a place of being in love with all the highs and lows of your experiences. It is knowing your journey has made you into the woman you are today. Your LIFE and your BODY are Artistic Expressions of your SOUL…..”Your Life and Your Body are the Artistry of YOU.” You as this beautiful woman in human form are learning to navigate the impermanence and unpredictability of this finite realm, while remembering and practicing your wisdom as a creative infinite being, to become who your desire to be and to spread your Golden Gifts and talents with the people you love, your community, and the world.
Why are YOU receiving this Golden Woman recognition? It is for nothing more or less than being your GOLDEN authentic self. For having learned how to shift your Perceptions and heal your wounding, especially the “Wounds of the Womb” and come to a place of blessing & “Wow!” You engage in living as a Practice of mastery and artistry to move with ease, grace and elegance in body, mind, and spirit. You humble yourself in the remembrance of your light, divine essence, and limitless potential when fully grounded and embodied in your center.  You radiate a Presence that is undeniable, magnetic, and is comparable to the shining Sun itself…for it is your Soul illuminated in flesh and form.



CONGRATULATIONS….may you continue on your journey of creating and recreating…again, and again, and again…who you are & who you wish to be in every moment and every chapter of your life!
If you are not feeling & living the gold of your soul, then maybe it’s time to explore, discover, and re-write Your Story from here forward with the intent of creating “Golden Woman?”
I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Love, Dr. Cheryl
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